Tuesday, 18 January 2011

so cosy

Me and my beautiful daughter created together our first tea cosy, we had fun, I even got my finger snipped too, but I should of moved my finger...oooppppssss. I was very proud of my little lady cause she did a line with the sewing machine by herself. It was nice that we worked together as a team to make this creation. When my mum saw it keeping my teapot warm I said to my mum you like it? she said "its nice", then it clicked she said "you made that"? I was like yes, she said "that is really good". When I look at it while boiling the kettle, Im doing a little dance saying we made that...... woop woop. Madam is already planning our next project, wonder if we have a budding dressmaker? I am one proud mum.

Monday, 10 January 2011

coasting about :-)

Well after getting my Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing: 150 Inspired Projects from A-Z through the door I was inspired. I noticed she had a page on making coasters, and I thought with the small bundle of fabric I got I could have a practice on the sewing machine. I can sew straight which was a relief cause I can go on to other projects that I have in mind. I ended up making my own design up, had odd ends of ribbons and used that, then I decided I would make it reversible. so I now have a nice tea coaster to put my mug of tea on. I can look at it and I feel humble cause I did that, it sure is a confidence booster knowing that I designed that. Here are the photos not perfect but something I am chuffed with.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


OK, I know soup is not creative, but I have made this soup by preparing the veg, cooking it in the stock, and then blending it to make a delightful, tasty, warm bowl of soup. My ten daughter also helped me to make it.

To make the soup, I chopped up onions, carrots, sweet potato added them to a solid saucepan, added some cauliflower and broccoli florets. I put litre of stock water, (that I made up with boiling water and oxo stock cubes) in the pan, brought it to the boil and turned it to low and simmered until the vegetables were soft. Once cooked I got a colander and stock water went in to a large mixing bowl and the vegetables so they were separate, I then put some veg in a blender and some ladles of stock and blended it bit at a time, did it in 3 batches, I then added bit more stock to the bowl of blended veg/ stock to get the right consistency.

My children are not into vegetables but they absolutely love homemade blended vegetable soup. This way they get their 5 a day and have a lovely bowl of lovely soup.

Think the worse things about it there was a fight to who got the last bowl full. I didn't win, the children did.

I feel I have been creative in my own way today with my soup making, especially as it was healthy, tasty and as a family we enjoyed it.

Friday, 7 January 2011

my first sewing book via post

Well it has finally arrived my book and I have had a look at it over 3 cups of tea, I had a lovely teapot off my friend as a Christmas present, so a tea cosy will have to be a future project now. Anyway my book, I like the way it is clear and the step by step instructions are also good, it has covered different sections that is useful like the fabric, explains about the different types of fabrics you can use for your project. also helps you to consider the weight of your fabric and how it affects it suitability for the project and after care that may be required, didn't realise how many different types of fabric there is. Gives you a good idea also what tools is needed to do the different projects and materials needed. Also teaches you how to make a variety of curtains, blinds, bed and table linen and decorative details such as trimmings, fills, pin tucks etc. Will definitely be useful as a reference book in my bookcase :-)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

creating my blog

Still waiting for my books that I ordered, why is it when you are waiting for something that isn't for you they come reasonably quick, but when its for yourself takes a bit longer?

I have been creating my design of my blog, and it is being creative technical wise.

Went to the library today, got a Jelly roll quilt book, some lovely designs in their but way out of my level for the time being. Also a book called Nursery Stitch by Rebecca Shreeve, some really cute designs, she recommends to use a freehand foot for the machine as there are some fiddly things to machine sew. tempted to try the fabric toddler book design.

Looking in my sewing machine feet and didn't realise there were so many feet to choose from, to perform different tasks. Well best save my pennies.

Ordered a few more bits for my sewing kit today, It will help me get going with my projects, which I don't know what they will be yet. will keep you updated on that one.

Monday, 3 January 2011

my first project

This was my first ever sewing machine project. I found a leaflet in Hobbycraft and thought that I could do that. It said it was for beginners and would take about an hour. It took me two hours. Found the measuring a bit complicated as I wanted an equal square and lines but with patience I got there.
It is sitting on my beanbag in the living room. The kids love it, and I am proud of my first project. The hand sewn bit looks dodgy, and my mum moaned at me as I used white thread and not blue, I didn't realise the thread had to match the fabric. Just shows that I am a complete beginner who just learning a new skill, bit like learning a language the more you read and practice the more advanced you become.

Here is the link to the cushion pattern, I changed the gingham to plain blue as it was my personal preference http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/Pages/Ideas/Idea.aspx?id=1258