Thursday, 6 January 2011

creating my blog

Still waiting for my books that I ordered, why is it when you are waiting for something that isn't for you they come reasonably quick, but when its for yourself takes a bit longer?

I have been creating my design of my blog, and it is being creative technical wise.

Went to the library today, got a Jelly roll quilt book, some lovely designs in their but way out of my level for the time being. Also a book called Nursery Stitch by Rebecca Shreeve, some really cute designs, she recommends to use a freehand foot for the machine as there are some fiddly things to machine sew. tempted to try the fabric toddler book design.

Looking in my sewing machine feet and didn't realise there were so many feet to choose from, to perform different tasks. Well best save my pennies.

Ordered a few more bits for my sewing kit today, It will help me get going with my projects, which I don't know what they will be yet. will keep you updated on that one.

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  1. I bought a jelly roll quilt book too, but a bit advanced for my, plus it would cost an absolute fortune to make one!