Sunday, 9 January 2011


OK, I know soup is not creative, but I have made this soup by preparing the veg, cooking it in the stock, and then blending it to make a delightful, tasty, warm bowl of soup. My ten daughter also helped me to make it.

To make the soup, I chopped up onions, carrots, sweet potato added them to a solid saucepan, added some cauliflower and broccoli florets. I put litre of stock water, (that I made up with boiling water and oxo stock cubes) in the pan, brought it to the boil and turned it to low and simmered until the vegetables were soft. Once cooked I got a colander and stock water went in to a large mixing bowl and the vegetables so they were separate, I then put some veg in a blender and some ladles of stock and blended it bit at a time, did it in 3 batches, I then added bit more stock to the bowl of blended veg/ stock to get the right consistency.

My children are not into vegetables but they absolutely love homemade blended vegetable soup. This way they get their 5 a day and have a lovely bowl of lovely soup.

Think the worse things about it there was a fight to who got the last bowl full. I didn't win, the children did.

I feel I have been creative in my own way today with my soup making, especially as it was healthy, tasty and as a family we enjoyed it.


  1. ooh, yum! I love soup, especially in winter :)
    Ashley x

  2. I love blended veggie soup too ........ just potatoes, carrots and onions (or leeks if I have it). It's cheap too so more pennies to spend on other things lol!