Tuesday, 18 January 2011

so cosy

Me and my beautiful daughter created together our first tea cosy, we had fun, I even got my finger snipped too, but I should of moved my finger...oooppppssss. I was very proud of my little lady cause she did a line with the sewing machine by herself. It was nice that we worked together as a team to make this creation. When my mum saw it keeping my teapot warm I said to my mum you like it? she said "its nice", then it clicked she said "you made that"? I was like yes, she said "that is really good". When I look at it while boiling the kettle, Im doing a little dance saying we made that...... woop woop. Madam is already planning our next project, wonder if we have a budding dressmaker? I am one proud mum.


  1. Well done!! Cute pic too :) I now need to buy a teapot so I can make a tea cosy :D
    Jellybean x

  2. That is really lovely .......... the world is your oyster now!!!!! x

  3. LOL..that's seriously cute. That's exactly what my girls would do with a tea cozy... :D